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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions?
Where do most guests find accommodations?

The Lake Tahoe region is one of the most popular destination-wedding areas. With this in mind, most guests rent condos, houses or cabins in the Tahoe/Truckee area. There is also limited accomodations around Sierraville.

Do you allow camping on the property?

Unfortunately we are not zoned for camping. Although there are a few primitive sites within walking distance as well as Forest Service campgrounds along Highway 89. The nearest is only 5 miles away.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we are real animal lovers. However, the pets must be well behaved and not harrass the wildlife.

Is electricity provided?
The site is off the grid so our power comes from portable generators. Once you know the power needs of your vendors let us know so we can make sure the right size generators are on site. We also make use of solar powered lights along pathways etc.
What about water and toilet facilities?
Yes, there are flush toilets on site.
Do you have a limit on the number of guests?
Our special-use permit with the County allows up to 150 guests.
Can we have campfires at night?

We provide propane fire pits, which are much safer.

What is included in your rate?

Our rate includes the use of our 80 acre property for three days. This means you have all day Friday and Saturday morning to set the stage for your very own unique and personalized wedding. Saturday afternoon and night will then be ready for the big event.

You will have all day Sunday to relax and remove any personal items. The cabin is the perfect place for the bridal party to prepare for your very special day.

There are several ceremony sites to choose from (on a meadow, a lawn with a beautiful view, or next to a mountain stream surrounded by aspen trees).

The reception area is sandwiched between two meadows. There are restrooms on site with flush toilets. We provide a large tent, a 24x20ft. dance floor as well as a stage for the DJ or live band. Also located in the reception area is a rustic bar. Out on the meadow are two fire pits which we keep burning through the night. Guests can sit around the fire for a real out door experience. Also located on the meadow is our Star Gazing Lounge where guests can kick back and watch the night sky. We also provide string lights over the reception area and lighting along the pathways.

Since the venue is off grid we provide quiet, inverter-type generators. The only things we charge extra for are a commercial Kegarator that can take 2 full-size kegs (It rents for $150) and 10 patio heaters which are on standby in case the night gets too cool. These rent for $50 each. You only pay for these if you use them.

There are numerous other items we provide which you'll be able to see during a site visit.

Do you insist on certain vendors?

No, the bridal couple is free to chose whichever vendors suit their preferences and budgets.

Do you supply tables and chairs?
No, as there are so many different styles favored by couples. Local rental companies offer a large inventory to choose from. We do supply a variety of comfortable patio furniture items for your guests to lounge in on the meadows or lawns.
Were any of your weddings cancelled due to the 2021 fires near Lake Tahoe?

No. We are fortunate that our venue is not located in any basin or valley where smoke tends to settle, causing high poor air quality.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us below:

Fred and Pam

Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or send us a typed message on WhatsApp using the 'Chat on WhatsApp' link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.